About Us

At Watson Cockatoos, All parrots (Imported breeder pairs) are guaranteed healthy and are brought into our sterile quarantine facility within our home environment. This is where begin hand feeding and socialization, once all tests are negative and they get a clean bill of health from our Avian Vet they are moved into the main house where they continue to nourish.

Providing the best possible development start in life for our lovely baby parrots is one of our ultimate goals we achieve happily. We achieve this not only through a nutritional and healthy diet but also through special care and attention to their physical and psychological needs. These include foods, socialization, stimulating enrichment, exercise and training as they grow and develop.
Individual needs and rates of maturity are the two basic parameters used to wean our baby parrots. This is done by giving each baby parrot a hand feeding formula suited to their special and individual needs for optimal growth.

In order to make our baby parrots to recognize a large variety of foods in different forms, we expose them to different foods at an early age. It allows them to explore different textures, tastes and naturally facilitates each individual parrot’s weaning process.
Definitely, weaning is a delicate process because if done inappropriately may course a parrot to feel insecure about having enough to eat. As a result, will hinder the baby parrot from progressing and focusing confidently on exploring their world and learning all the skills required for them to become optimal family companion parrots. Our baby birds are weaned onto a daily diet of pellets, seeds, soft foods, pasta, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables and mixed nuts for macaws.

We develop solid foundation of trust; provide loving guidance and consistent training and responses allowing the baby bird to develop into a secure, confident and loving optimal lifetime companion.